Introducing the AMP 333, a center console power boat that redefines luxury and performance on the water.


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Luxury Meets Performance

From its striking exterior to its high-performance engines, the AMP 333 is a masterpiece of style, comfort, performance, and power giving a perfect choice for those who seek both luxury and excitement on the water. Boasting twin or triple Mercury Racing engines, it guarantees unforgettable experiences and adventures on the water.

AMP 333


Basic Boat Info
American Marine Performance
Available Engines
  • Twin or Triple Mercury Racing 300R's
  • Twin or Triple Mercury Racing 400R's (V-10)
  • Twin or Triple Mercury Racing 450R's
  • Twin or Triple Mercury Racing 500R's
  • 5 year limited
  • 1 year fender to fender
  • Mercury Racing Engine Warranty
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2024 AMP 333 - top view of boat

Pure Craftsmanship


The interiors of the AMP 333 are a testament to meticulous design, seamlessly combining elegance and utility. As you step inside, you’ll be enveloped in a rich soundscape emanating from 33 built-in speakers, setting the tone for a luxurious journey. The presence of a spacious onboard shower and thoughtfully placed storage solutions enhances your convenience and enjoyment.



The AMP 333’s exteriors are a visual masterpiece, designed to make a lasting impression. From its meticulously crafted hull to its thoughtfully placed accents, this boat radiates sophistication and power. Its exterior design not only enhances its performance but also showcases its commitment to delivering an exceptional boating experience.

Walkthrough the AMP 333

Center Console

Explore behind the scenes of one of the most prestigious boat shows with an exclusive walkthrough video by CenterConsoleOnly from the Palm Beach Boat Show. Get up close and personal as he explores the new AMP333 and discusses the many features of this powerboat, taking you on a captivating journey through the vessel's cutting-edge technology, luxurious amenities, and unparalleled performance.

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What is the price range for the AMP 333?

Pricing varies according to motorization and customization. Reach out to get your quote today!

What is the maximum capacity of passengers?

Our AMP 333 fits comfortably 10 people seated.

Are there customization options for the AMP 333?

Yes. Our boats are semi-custom. You can choose the colors of paint, upholstery and floor. We offer different options and packages to chose from, such as the Sport Cruising or the Poker Run Edition.

How does the AMP 333 perform in different water conditions?

The AMP 333 handles all water conditions. It gives you a dry ride in rough weather due to the high gunnels the boat offers. On calm waters, it offers efficiency and speed.

What maintenance & servicing requirements should I expect?

Contact your Mercury Dealer to perform the required services on the engines. The boat should be washed after every use and engines should be flushed with fresh water. We recommend the boat to be detailed with compound and wax every 6 months to maintain the gel coat in its original condition.

Are there any financing options available for purchasing the AMP 333?

Yes, our sales team will point you in the right direction as far as preferred lenders.

What is the delivery process and lead times for the AMP 333?

Unless we carry boats in inventory, the production time for a new build is about 3 months. We take pride in maintaining a close communication with the clients and keep them informed of their build process.

What MFDs come with the AMP 333?

We use Garmin electronics and we install between 2 to 4 MFDs per boat.

What kind of windshield is used on the AMP 333?

The AMP 333 comes with a glass windshield, which is stronger and easier to maintain.

Are center console boats good for the ocean?

Absolutely, center console boats are well-suited for ocean adventures. Their versatile design, which places the helm in the center of the boat, provides several advantages for ocean navigation:

1. Stability: Center console boats typically have a deep V-hull design that offers excellent stability, even in rough ocean waters. This design helps minimize the impact of waves, providing a smoother ride.

2. Maneuverability: The open layout of center console boats allows for easy movement and accessibility, making it simple to navigate around the boat while handling various tasks, such as fishing or water sports.

3. Visibility: With the helm positioned in the center, operators have superior visibility, which is especially crucial for safely navigating through ocean waters with changing conditions and potential obstacles.

4. Fishing Excellence: Many anglers prefer center console boats for ocean fishing due to their 360-degree access to fishing areas, ample storage for gear, and the ability to chase fish wherever they may be.

5. Ocean-Ready Features: Center console boats are often equipped with features like self-draining decks, large livewells, and built-in rod holders, making them ideal for ocean fishing and recreational activities.

In summary, center console boats are a popular choice for ocean enthusiasts, offering stability, maneuverability, visibility, and specialized features that make them well-suited for the demands of ocean exploration and adventure. Their versatile design ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the open water.

Is a center console boat a cruiser?

While center console boats are versatile and well-suited for various water activities, they are not typically classified as cruisers. Center console boats are primarily designed for fishing, water sports, and day trips rather than extended cruising. Here are a few distinctions:

1. Size: Cruisers are usually larger vessels designed for overnight stays or longer journeys, often equipped with cabins, berths, and amenities for extended comfort. In contrast, center console boats are smaller and emphasize open deck space.

2. Purpose: Center console boats prioritize features like fishing amenities, casting decks, and easy access to the water. Cruisers, on the other hand, prioritize comfortable accommodations for extended periods aboard.

3. Amenities: Cruisers typically offer amenities such as sleeping quarters, kitchens, bathrooms, and entertainment systems, making them suitable for extended trips. Center console boats are more focused on providing space for specific water activities.

However, some manufacturers offer hybrid designs that incorporate features of both center console boats and cruisers, blurring the lines between the two categories. These boats may offer limited overnight accommodations while maintaining the open layout of center console boats. If you're interested in a boat that can serve as a cruiser, it's essential to explore these hybrid options or consider larger vessels specifically designed for extended cruising.

What is the advantage of a center console boat?

Center console boats offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for boaters:

1. Versatility: One of the primary advantages of a center console boat is its versatility. They are well-suited for various water activities, including fishing, water sports, cruising, and more. The open layout allows for flexibility in use.

2. Accessibility: The center console design provides easy access to all areas of the boat. Operators can move around the vessel quickly, making it convenient for managing different tasks or accommodating multiple passengers.

3. 360-Degree Fishing: Center console boats are a favorite among anglers due to their 360-degree fishing capabilities. Anglers can cast lines from any side of the boat, providing an advantage when chasing fish.

4. Visibility: The helm's central position offers excellent visibility, allowing operators to navigate with confidence, especially in crowded or challenging water conditions.

5. Stability: Many center console boats feature a deep V-hull design, enhancing stability in rough waters. This stability contributes to a more comfortable and secure ride.

6. Customization: Owners can often customize center console boats to meet their specific needs, whether it's adding fishing accessories, upgrading seating, or incorporating entertainment systems.

7. Easy Maintenance: The open deck layout simplifies maintenance and cleaning, making it easier to care for the boat.

8. Fuel Efficiency: Center console boats are known for their fuel efficiency, making them an economical choice for boaters who want to minimize fuel costs.

9. Resale Value: Center console boats tend to hold their resale value well, making them a sound investment for boat owners.

In summary, the advantages of a center console boat include versatility, accessibility, fishing capabilities, visibility, stability, customization options, ease of maintenance, fuel efficiency, and strong resale value. These qualities make center console boats an excellent choice for a wide range of water activities and preferences.

Are center console boats easy to drive?

Center console boats are often praised for their user-friendly design and ease of operation, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced boaters. Several factors contribute to their reputation for being easy to drive:

1. Clear Line of Sight: The center console position provides an unobstructed view of the water and surroundings, enhancing the operator's visibility. This clear line of sight makes it easier to navigate through different water conditions, including crowded marinas and open waters.

2. Maneuverability: Center console boats are known for their agility and responsiveness. The design allows for quick and precise handling, making tight turns and docking maneuvers more manageable.

3. Open Deck Layout: The open deck layout of center console boats simplifies movement on board. Operators can access various areas of the boat without obstructions, allowing them to manage tasks such as docking, anchoring, or setting up fishing gear with ease.

4. Intuitive Helm Placement: The helm, with essential controls and navigation instruments, is conveniently located at the center of the boat. This positioning ensures that operators have immediate access to steering, throttle, and other controls, reducing the learning curve for new boaters.

5. Versatility: Center console boats are versatile, capable of accommodating various water activities, from fishing to water sports and leisure cruising. Their adaptability means that operators can use the boat for multiple purposes without needing different vessels for each activity.

While center console boats are generally considered easy to drive, it's important to note that boating safety and responsible operation remain paramount. Regardless of experience level, all operators should undergo proper training, familiarize themselves with local regulations, and prioritize safety precautions while on the water. With the right training and responsible practices, center console boats offer an accessible and enjoyable boating experience for all.

What is the top speed of a center console boat?

The top speed of a center console boat can vary significantly depending on several key factors, including the boat's size, design, engine configuration, and overall setup. Center console boats are known for their versatility, and their top speeds can range from modest to exhilarating. Here, we'll explore these variables that impact a center console boat's top speed:

1. Engine Power: Perhaps the most significant factor influencing a center console boat's top speed is the engine or engines it is equipped with. Many center console boats are powered by outboard engines, which come in a range of sizes and power ratings. Smaller boats may have a single outboard engine, while larger models can accommodate multiple engines, greatly impacting speed. High-performance center consoles can be equipped with powerful engines, some exceeding 1000 horsepower, allowing them to reach speeds well above 60 knots (70 mph or 112 km/h).

2. Boat Size and Design: The boat's size and hull design also play a crucial role. Smaller center consoles tend to be more nimble but may have lower top speeds compared to larger, sleeker models. Deep V-hull designs, common in many center console boats, enhance stability and can contribute to higher top speeds by efficiently slicing through the water.

3. Weight and Load: The weight of the boat and the load it carries can affect its speed. Lighter boats with fewer passengers and equipment tend to reach higher speeds more easily. Overloading a boat or carrying excess weight can reduce its top speed.

4. Propeller Selection: The choice of propellers can significantly impact a center console boat's performance. Different propeller designs, pitches, and materials can optimize speed and efficiency. Propeller selection is often tailored to the specific boat and engine combination.

5. Sea Conditions: The speed a center console boat can achieve can also be influenced by sea conditions. Calm waters typically allow for faster speeds, while rough or choppy seas may necessitate reduced speeds for safety and comfort.

In conclusion, the top speed of a center console boat can vary widely, with some smaller models achieving speeds in the 30-40 knot (35-46 mph or 56-74 km/h) range, and high-performance, larger models capable of reaching speeds well over 60 knots (70 mph or 112 km/h). The specific top speed of a particular center console boat is determined by its engine power, size, design, weight, propeller selection, hull material, and sea conditions. If you're looking for a center console boat with a particular top speed in mind, it's essential to consider these factors and consult with boat dealers or manufacturers to find the ideal combination that meets your speed and boating preferences.