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Thinking of creating your custom AMP boat? Before diving into the design process, we suggest reviewing our document outlining the standard features.
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Please select your engine package. Please be aware that the MSRP pricing provided does not include any discounts. Final pricing, including discounts, will be offered. Standard engines come in black.
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Select Your Engine

Please select your engine package. Please be aware that the MSRP pricing provided does not include any discounts. Final pricing, including discounts, will be offered. Standard engines come in black with Sportsmaster drives.
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Includes: 18 speakers, 4 subwoofers, 5 amplifiers, 1 extra battery
Includes: Quad seating, JL Audio Premium Stereo, Garmin GC200 Rearview camera, Snap in Fender cleats, AMP logo painted on roof, Yeti Cooler
Starting MSRP: $@[price]
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Is it possible to build your own high-performance boat?

At American Marine Performance, we understand the allure of crafting your own high-performance boat. The short answer is a resounding yes – it is indeed possible! Embarking on the journey to build your own boat can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Getting Started:

1. Define Your Vision:
Begin by envisioning the type of high-performance boat you want. Consider the intended use, speed, and features that matter most to you. We recommend you start with the AMP 333 and select your engines.

Research and Planning: Dive into detailed research on boat designs, materials, and propulsion systems. A well-thought-out plan is crucial for a successful build.

Legal Considerations: Familiarize yourself with local regulations and safety standards. Ensuring compliance from the start will save you potential headaches down the road.

Essential Components:
1. Hull Construction:
Choose the right materials for your boat's hull, considering factors like weight, durability, and performance. Fiberglass, aluminum, and composite materials are popular choices.

Powerful Propulsion: Selecting the right engine and propulsion system is key to achieving the desired speed and performance. Evaluate options based on your boat's size and intended use.

3. Quality Rigging: Invest in reliable rigging components to ensure the seamless operation of your boat. From steering systems to controls, each detail matters.

Expert Guidance
Consult with Professionals: Seek advice from marine engineers, boat builders, and experts in high-performance boating. Their insights can be invaluable in guiding your project to success. Contact American Marine Performance expert sales staff today for guidance on building your own high-performance center console boat. Dont forget, you can also always visit our South Florida location in Pompano Beach to talk to our dedicated staff in person and see the AMP 333 and AMP 433 in person.

Training and Workshops: Consider attending workshops or training programs to enhance your skills. Hands-on experience and knowledge-sharing can make a significant difference.

What is the best material to build a high-performance center console boat?

When it comes to crafting a high-performance center console boat, the choice of material plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal speed, durability, and overall performance. At American Marine Performance (AMP), our unwavering recommendation is fiberglass, and for good reason.

The Fiberglass Advantage:

1. Weight-to-Strength Ratio: Fiberglass boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for high-performance boats. This ensures that your center console boat remains agile and responsive on the water.

Durability: High-performance boats often face challenging conditions, from rough waters to high speeds. Fiberglass is renowned for its durability, offering resilience against impacts and maintaining structural integrity over the long term.

Smooth Hull Design: The smooth and sleek hull design achievable with fiberglass contributes to reduced friction in the water, enhancing speed and fuel efficiency. This is crucial for those seeking the thrill of high-speed navigation.

Versatility in Design: Fiberglass allows for intricate and versatile design possibilities. Whether you prioritize a sleek, modern look or desire specific features, fiberglass can be molded to meet your exact specifications.

Why AMP Recommends Fiberglass:
At American Marine Performance, our commitment to delivering top-tier high-performance center console boats is reflected in our choice of materials. Fiberglass not only aligns with our dedication to quality but also ensures that our boats meet and exceed the expectations of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Quality Assurance:
When you choose a high-performance center console boat from AMP, you can trust in the meticulous craftsmanship and quality assurance that comes with fiberglass construction. Our boats are engineered to deliver an unparalleled on-water experience, combining speed, precision, and durability.

What is the lifespan of a fiberglass center console boat?

The longevity of a fiberglass center console boat is a common consideration for boating enthusiasts. At American Marine Performance, we understand the importance of durability, and when it comes to lifespan, fiberglass emerges as a standout material.

Factors Influencing Lifespan:1
Build Quality: The craftsmanship and build quality play a pivotal role in determining the lifespan of a fiberglass center console boat. At American Marine Performance, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring each boat is meticulously crafted for longevity.

Maintenance Practices: Proper maintenance significantly extends the lifespan of any boat. Regular cleaning, routine inspections, and prompt repairs can safeguard the structural integrity of the fiberglass hull and components.

Usage Patterns: The frequency and conditions under which a boat is used can impact its lifespan. Fiberglass center console boats from American Marine Performance are designed to withstand diverse environments, providing durability for both recreational and professional use.

The Enduring Legacy of Fiberglass:Fiberglass, as a material, contributes substantially to the long lifespan of center console boats. Its inherent resistance to corrosion, rot, and UV damage makes it a reliable choice for enduring exposure to various weather conditions.

Why Choose Fiberglass for Longevity:
1. Resistance to the Elements: Fiberglass exhibits remarkable resistance to water damage, ensuring that the hull remains structurally sound over time. This resistance makes it an ideal choice for boats that navigate a range of water conditions.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements: Compared to some other materials, fiberglass requires minimal maintenance, reducing the overall cost of ownership. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a long-lasting and low-maintenance investment.

AMP's Commitment to Longevity:At American Marine Performance, our dedication to longevity goes hand in hand with our commitment to quality. Each fiberglass center console boat is crafted with precision and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it withstands the test of time.