Sell AMP Boats


From its striking exterior to its high-performance engines, the AMP 333 is a masterpiece of style and power and the perfect choice for those who seek both luxury and excitement on the water. Boasting a 1000+ horsepower engine, it guarantees unforgettable experiences on the water. Moreover, the meticulously crafted interior of the AMP 333 offers a haven of comfort and elegance, featuring premium upholstery, state-of-the-art technology, and spacious seating arrangements that invite relaxation and socializing while cruising or anchored in a picturesque cove.

Becoming an authorized AMP dealer opens the door to an exciting opportunity to offer this exceptional vessel to boaters in your region. With a proven track record of delivering top-tier products, AMP Boats offers its dealers access to a premier, high-performance boat that caters to customers seeking the ultimate in luxury and power. Join us in making waves in the marine industry and providing your customers with the ultimate boating experience they've been dreaming of.

Benefits of an AMP Dealer?

  • Protected sales territory
  • CTS custom AMP trailers
  • AMP clothing & accessory line

AMP Product Lines

  • AMP 333
  • AMP 433 (Summer of 2024)
  • AMP 533 (2025)


  • Stock or have on order two AMP boats at all times
  • Promote and Market AMP Boats, trailers and products
  • Represent your dealership at all Factory Shows  (Fort Lauderdale, Miami)

Co-op Advertising program:

  • Sell 3 boats per year to qualify.  1% Co-op money to be used for Advertising, Boat Shows, Etc

Interested in Becoming a Dealer?