AMP 37 XPR Catamaran in the water with passengers

Presenting the all new 2024 AMP 37XPR, a  high performance Cat that sets a new standard for design, style, safety, handling, and performance on the water.


Discover the 2024 AMP 37XPR

Luxury Meets Performance

The 2024 AMP 37XPR, team crafted with Smart Marine Performance, pairs an eye-catching design with formidable Mercury Racing engines. As a high-performance Cat, it redefines design, luxury, handling, safety, and performance. The AMP 37 XPR accommodates larger crews while taking on big water with ease. Its fusion of elegance, advanced comfort, and high-speed capability ensures a unique and thrilling adventure.

The Ultimate

Big Water Poker Run Boat

The AMP 37 XPR is suited for larger crews, longer runs, and big water. The entire hull is made with high modulus carbon Innegra and E-glass laminates. The cockpit is laid out to accommodate eight adults in comfort and elegance, with custom molded bucket seats, high-end finishes, state-of-the-art electronics, a killer high end JL audio system, and a stylish full wraparound polycarbonate windshield. Large lockers provide plenty of room to stow gear, while aft steps and an integrated swim platform with ladder make water access easy.

Quality in Craftsmanship

How its made

Our boats, proudly built in America by Smart Performance Marine, epitomize quality craftsmanship. Each vessel, expertly crafted by our dedicated team, showcases meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to superior construction. Embracing a rich tradition of American boat building, we deliver excellence and innovation in every boat, ensuring an exceptional on-water experience.

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What is the price range for the AMP 37XPR

Pricing varies according to motorization and customization. Reach out to get your quote today!

What is the maximum capacity of passengers?

Our AMP 37XPR fits comfortably 8 people seated.

Are there customization options for the AMP 37XPR?

Yes. Our boats are semi-custom. You can choose the colors of paint, upholstery and floor. We offer different options and packages to chose from, such as the Sport Cruising or the Poker Run Edition.

What maintenance & servicing requirements should I expect?

Contact your Mercury Dealer to perform the required services on the engines. The boat should be washed after every use and engines should be flushed with fresh water. We recommend the boat to be detailed with compound and wax every 6 months to maintain the gel coat in its original condition.

Are there any financing options available for purchasing the AMP 37XPR?

Yes, our sales team will point you in the right direction as far as preferred lenders.

What is the delivery process and lead times for the AMP 37XPR?

Unless we carry boats in inventory, the production time for a new build is about 8 months. We take pride in maintaining a close communication with the clients and keep them informed of their build process.

Where can I get Insurance coverage?

Yes, We have partnered with several agencies that specialize in marine insurance for these type of boats.

Do you offer a trailer option?

Yes, We have partnered with CTS trailers to give our customers one of the best quality trailers to go along with the high quality of our boats.

What boats are the fastest?

Catamarans are the fastest high-performance boats available. There is significant speed between a catamaran and a V-hull of the same length with identical power, the catamaran will always be faster.

Why buy an AMP 37 XPR over the competition?

There is no comparison between the construction of an AMP 37 XPR and the competitors.  Our boats use the absolute best materials money can buy using engineered quad-axial carbon-Innegra hybrid laminates from VectorPly, industry-leading PRO-SET epoxy and vinylester resins and high-end Polynt gelcoat. Hull sides and bottoms, decks and small parts are cored with one-inch-thick engineered structural coring, while transoms are cored with two-inch-thick Coosa Bluewater 26 composite. Our boats are cored with precision hand-cut H100 and H130 Divinycell by a small, highly trained team of boat builders for tight, consistent seams and no air voids. Joints are reinforced with our unique Smart Lock technique, which creates an I-beam structure for added stiffness and strength. Adjoining sections of core in bulkheads are “zipper-stitched” together. Fillets made with a special formulation of epoxy are used to radius all 90-degree joints. Hulls, decks and small parts are all vacuum-infused with epoxy resin. Vacuum infusion yields a lighter, stronger, more consistent product than hand lamination or vacuum bagging by ensuring the ideal resin-to-cloth ratio. Infusion also reduces cost since it requires far fewer man-hours in laminating and grinding and minimizes waste of resin and other consumables. Note that some builders vacuum-infuse the hull itself but hand-lay or vacuum-bag other parts. AMP catamarans are 100% infused, including hull, bulkheads, transom, deck and hatches. Team crafted by Smart Performance Marine, our hulls are made entirely with epoxy resin and then post-cured in the mold for still greater tensile strength. Post-curing means, in the simplest sense, “cooking” the entire hull inside thermal blankets using a massive heater. The hull is held at a specific temperature for six to eight hours, then allowed to cool naturally, effectively curing the laminate a second time while also saving time in the mold. This all means that our customers get the lightest and strongest high performance cat on the market that has a better design, style, luxury touches, handling, and turning capabilities than the competition.

What is the advantage of a catamaran boat?

The advantages of a catamaran boat are numerous and make them a popular choice among maritime enthusiasts. Catamarans excel in stability, thanks to their dual-hull design, providing a smoother and more balanced ride, even in choppy waters. This enhanced stability also translates to increased safety, making catamarans an excellent choice for both novice and experienced boaters.

Another key advantage is the spacious and open deck layout, offering more room for socializing, entertaining, and enjoying panoramic views. The wider beam of catamarans provides superior stability at rest, enhancing comfort for passengers on board. Additionally, catamarans typically have a shallower draft, allowing access to shallower waters and secluded anchorages.

Fuel efficiency is a notable benefit, as catamarans experience less drag, resulting in reduced fuel consumption compared to traditional mono-hull boats. This eco-friendly aspect makes them an attractive option for those seeking a more sustainable boating experience.In summary, the advantages of a catamaran boat include stability, safety, spacious deck layouts, shallow drafts, and fuel efficiency, making them a versatile and enjoyable choice for a wide range of boating activities.

Are catamaran boats easy to drive?

Yes, catamaran boats are known for being relatively easy to drive, making them accessible for both novice and experienced boaters. The dual-hull design provides enhanced stability, which contributes to a smoother and more predictable handling experience. The wider beam of catamarans adds an extra layer of balance, reducing the likelihood of tipping or rolling.

Additionally, catamarans typically respond well to steering inputs, making them maneuverable and responsive in various water conditions. The stable platform and reduced heeling motion make it easier for individuals to gain confidence and control while operating a catamaran.

While some sailing experience is beneficial, many catamaran models come equipped with user-friendly features and modern navigation technology, further simplifying the driving experience. Overall, the inherent stability and maneuverability of catamaran boats contribute to their reputation for being easy to drive, making them a suitable choice for those new to boating or seeking a hassle-free navigation experience.

What is the top speed of a catamaran boat?

The top speed of a catamaran boat can be quite impressive, especially in high-performance models. On average, a well-equipped catamaran, especially those designed for speed and agility, can reach top speeds of around 80 mph (approximately 70 knots). This remarkable speed is attributed to the catamaran's aerodynamic dual-hull design, lightweight materials, and powerful engine configurations. The design minimizes drag and maximizes efficiency, allowing these boats to cut through the water at high speeds.

However, it's important to consider that the actual top speed can vary based on the specific model, its size, and the type of engines used, along with other design factors. For those interested in high-speed maritime adventures, a catamaran built for speed is an excellent choice.