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Sometimes Bigger Is Better

The AMP 433 redefines boating with its winning combination of sleek design, outstanding performance, and versatile options. This center console sport cruiser is meticulously crafted for adventures, whether it's exploring new destinations, thrilling diving expeditions, or relaxing with loved ones. Built to the highest standards of quality, it ensures a safe, comfortable journey. With spacious seating and ample deck space, the AMP 433 promises unforgettable moments, from high-speed excitement to tranquil marine vistas. Stay tuned for its launch and embark on a new era of boating happiness.

AMP 433 top Render view
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Versatile Adventures

This center console sport cruiser is designed to accommodate a wide range of adventures, from exploring new destinations to embarking on thrilling diving expeditions. Its versatility allows you to tailor your boating experience to your preferences.

AMP 433

Exceptional Performance

The upcoming AMP 433 will contain a cutting-edge engine that delivers extraordinary power and speed. With a horsepower that exceeds industry standards. Whether you're racing across open waters or cruising along the coastline, the AMP 433's exceptional performance ensures an exhilarating and responsive ride. Its advanced hull design, combined with precise engineering, guarantees stability even at top speeds, providing both novice and experienced boaters with a confident and safe journey.

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What is the difference between the AMP 333 and the AMP 433?

Besides the size, the AMP 433 features a 11".7 beam to allow quad or quint engines setups. We will release the features and specs of the AMP 433 in the next few months.

When will the AMP 433 be released?

We expect the AMP 433 to hit the water by Fall 2024

What will be the price range of the AMP 433?

Pricing varies according to motorization and customization. Reach out to get your quote today!

Can I pre-order or reserve an AMP 433 in advance?

Yes! Starting January 2024 you will be able to book your build slots.