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Chasing Speed: The AMP 333's Impressive 87.7 MPH Feat

On November 21, this luxury center console powerboat achieved a breathtaking speed of 87.7mph, showcasing its prowess on the water. What makes this feat truly extraordinary is that the AMP 333 accomplished this remarkable speed with all standard options, triple Mercury Racing 400R’s, setting a new standard for out-of-the-box performance within the center console market.

Top speed of the AMP 333 center console powerboat
Actual photo of top speed reached

Pure Performance, No Compromises:

The AMP 333 stands out for its ability to reach competitive speeds as a luxury center console without the need for additional modifications. With a 33-foot frame, a 10.7-foot beam, and triple Mercury Racing 400R engines, the AMP 333 redefines pure performance and luxury. Its standard configuration positions it as a symbol of power and value on the water.

Exceptional Value: The AMP 333 offers a substantial boat for the money, measuring 33 feet in length and boasting a 10.7-foot beam, making it one of the widest boats for its size on the market. Loaded with standard features that other boat manufacturers typically charge for, some of the most impressive elements include a 16-inch Garmin GPSMAP, Garmin Dome 18” HD radar, night-vision capability, an oversized T-top with a rain shower, JL stereo system, underwater lights, and more. The AMP 333 delivers both speed and luxury, providing its owners with the best of both worlds and showcasing craftsmanship at the highest level.

Twin-Step Hull Design: Adding to the brilliance of the AMP 333 is its twin-step hull design. This innovative hull allows the wide-body vessel to effortlessly glide on top of the water with stability, handling, and performance. The twin-step hull design is a testament to AMP's commitment to cutting-edge engineering, ensuring that every aspect of the boat contributes to an unparalleled big-water boating experience.

The AMP 333 isn't just a luxury center console powerboat; it's a symbol of pure performance and exceptional value and craftmanship. Breaking away from traditional norms that often necessitate additional upgrades, the AMP 333 offers enthusiasts an out-of-the-box experience to fuel their need for speed while driving a multipurpose luxury center console. With its remarkable speed, standard options, and innovative design, the AMP 333 extends a thrilling invitation to dive into the extraordinary world of AMP's excellence.

Get Behind the Wheel:

Are you ready to embrace the thrill of the big open water like never before? It's time to experience the power, precision, and sheer excitement of the AMP 333 for yourself. Envision yourself at the helm, confidently navigating the waves with the assurance that triple Mercury 400R engines provide, propelling you to new speeds. Don't just read about it—feel the adrenaline, experience the excelleration, and conquer the water in a way only the AMP 333 can deliver. Schedule your test drive today and discover firsthand why the AMP 333 is redefining the standards of powerboat excellence. Unleash the adventurer in you and make waves with AMP—your journey to high-speed exhilaration starts now!