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Get Amped in Miami with us as we reveal the new 2024 AMP 37 XPR Catamaran

📅 When: February 14th-18th

📍 Where: Herald Plaza, in the water Dock B, Intersection 2

Boat Show Premiere: An Unforgettable Experience

The Miami Boat Show is known for its spectacular displays and showcasing the finest crafts available, and this year is no exception. American Marine Performance (AMP) is setting up to take center stage and proudly unveil its newest and never-before-seen model – The AMP 37 XPR Catamaran, team crafted by Smart Performance Marine. With its fusion of high-performance engineering, luxurious features, and an unmatched display of speed and style, this catamaran is to redefine the standards of excellence at this year's Boat Show premiere.

Unmatched Speed and Style

Beneath the surface, the AMP 37 XPR Catamaran conceals a powerhouse of high-performance engineering, utilizing advanced materials, precision construction techniques, and state-of-the-art technology. It's not just any boat; the AMP 37 XPR Catamaran is a symbol of speed. Fueled by advanced technology and propelled by raw power, including racing engine options such as the Twin Mercury Racing 300R’s, 400R’s, and 500R’s, this catamaran guarantees an exhilarating journey on the open waters. With its sleek design and top-notch performance, it's ready to leave a lasting impression on enthusiasts at the Miami Boat Show.

Stylish Yet Practical

Crafted with Precision by Smart Performance Marine, our boats are proudly built in America using top-notch materials and construction processes. Tested on the offshore racing circuit under extreme conditions,, proving the durability and reliability of our boats. The AMP 37 XPR Cat's design is a perfect blend of style and practicality, ensuring that each curve and shape not only looks good but also serves a purpose. Whether you're admiring the front or the back, this boat is stunning, catching everyone's attention and exuding luxury with every wave it creates.

The Specs

The AMP 37 XR catamaran is a powerhouse with impressive features. It stretches 39.5 ft in length and spans 10.4 ft in width, creating a perfect size for a thrilling water adventure. Weighing 5,600 lbs, it's specifically designed for speed and easy handling. With a potent engine capable of reaching up to 1200 HP, get ready for an exciting and high-speed ride. Additionally, the catamaran's substantial 164-gallon fuel tank ensures extended journeys without compromising performance. The AMP 37 XR is the ultimate choice for those seeking an outstanding and robust catamaran experience.

Miami Boat Show: The need to know

The 2024 Miami Boat Show, happening from Wednesday, February 14, to Sunday, February 18. Doors swing open at 10 am each day, giving you ample time to. The fun doesn't stop until the evening, with closing times at 6 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 7 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 5 pm on Sunday. But here's the kicker – the Miami parties keep the good times rolling long into the small hours. It's five days of excitement on the water and unforgettable crafts – don't miss the boat, literally! Learn more about the Miami International Boat Show

Start your new adventure with American Marine Performance. Schedule in advanced to see the AMP team at the boat show or Can’t make it to the show? Reach out today!